Recommended especially for new drivers. Our Full Course offers what most companies require new drivers to learn. This comprehensive program includes Theory Training and 40 hours of Behind The Wheel instruction. The classroom instruction prepares one for the rules and regulations of driving on public roads. It comes with a Certificate upon completion and lifetime job placement.


This course is focused mainly on the behind the wheel instruction. It is recommended mainly for drivers who already know the rules and regulations of driving on public roads. This is for someone who doesn't need Theory Training and some driving experience. You will receive a Certificate upon completion and life time job placement.


Behind the wheel training and Pre-Trip training clan be purchased by the hour here at Apex. Recommend this for those who are ready to test and need to brush up on what will be on the skills test.


For those who already have the skills required to pass the test from previous training. We strongly recommend at least getting Pre-Trip Training even for experienced CDL drivers, to learn what is required to pass the test.


We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your training. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible."


    • Lower Students to instructor ratios
    • Train for safe driving in your future career, not skills just to pass the test.
    • We offer flexible programs to attempt to meet the needs of students in divers situations.
    • We work to offer more opportunities through our connections with companies, charities and alumni.
    • Safety
    • Inclusion
    • Dedication

    Our students aren’t numbers. They are all unique individuals with different stories and we want you to succeed


    Anyone holding a Commercial Learner’s Permit is required to have a negative drug test. You can either show proof that you have one or we can send you to go get one. The cost is currently $50.

    Since Biden became President, gas prices have been climbing. Due to the rising gas prices, tuition for truck training had to be increased.

    If you have your learners permit, we can test you here at Apex, in Salt Lake City, UT. It does not matter what state you live in. Thanks to laws that have changed, we can now test applicants from any state within the United States.

    We are so excited that we are now able to do Physicals right at the school.

    The FMCSA’s entry-level driver training (ELDT) rule takes effect February 7, 2022. As of this date, individuals who are applying for their initial CDL, upgrading a current CDL, or getting a passenger or school bus endorsement for the first time must complete specific theory and behind-the-wheel instruction before taking the required skills test. An individual obtaining a hazmat endorsement for the first time must complete specific theory instruction prior to taking the required knowledge test. This training must be provided by a school or entity listed on the FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry (TPR)

    Our new address is 3615 W. 1987 S., Salt Lake City, UT 84104.  Not far from our last location.


    The staff and level of dedication to instruction and making sure that drivers are qualified for over the road or in town was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I can say for a surely you can count on Apex trucking school for all your training needs and they did a wonderful job teaching not only myself but other friends of mine that have succeeded in the trucking industry.

    I’m a recent graduate (today) of Apex. I for the most part was extremely pleased with the entire experience. Students are hard on vehicles and break them and some days seemed to be overbooked so of course there were times when I wished I received more street driving. However all that aside as I do believe that some things are out of their control, the overall experience was fantastic. The instructors are very helpful and have their heart into training the students. They want each student to pass their test with flying colors and it shows. I really cannot say enough about all the instructors and support staff. The owner/tester also puts the students at ease when it comes to the test. Definitely makes you feel comfortable with the experience. I am extremely satisfied and look forward to my new career. Thank you Arilyn, Bryan, Brittany, Matt and Ricardo. You guys rock

    These guys help me get my CDL in less then 2 weeks . Alex and his trainers are amazing at what they do.! They make driving a commercial vehicle easy and safe. If you want to drive a cmv then come to apex trucking and ask for Alex to train you. Number 1 place in the states to go .

    Apex is a good school they trained me and my friends. We have been working for 3 months and are doing very well. Apex trained us so well we were able to pass our drive and backing test very easy. I would recommend this school to all people. If English is your second language, no problem Apex will teach you too.

    (Translated by Google) Alex and the trainers they are amazing alot experience on drivers i learn alot from them good school. Alex and his coaches are very good with a lot of driving experience, I learned a lot from eyod sela I recommend 100% (Original) Alex and the trainers they are amazing alot experience on drivers i learn alot from them good school . Alex y sus entrenadores son muy buenos con mucha experiencia de manejo ,yo aprendi mucho de eyod sela recomiendo al 100%

    Alex, Kirill and Richard are all great instructors. Would definitely recommend this school to obtain your CDL.

    Had a wonderful experience training and getting my cdl through apex driving school I would highly recommend them

    I highly recommend people to accept best school and course. Dont waste your time for 00000 values, choose the right school to get successful. Apex direct great successful door.

    I spent four months at another Utah third party CDL Training school. I did not feel like the instructors their were as concerned about the students learning, as at Apex CDL. I spent 4 months there, and only three days 4 hour shifts in a truck driving. Studying for my pre-trip test was only once on a real truck. The rest was in the classroom. After i failed pre-trip twice they refused me anymore help and sent me away unless i paid them more money. I was funded by the state and had no more money. The state recognized Apex CDL as a trusted school and sent me there. In 8 short hours Apex Cdl had me in a real truck and trailer studying pre-trip, teach me to back correctly and forward driving skills so I was able to pass my test at no additional cost to me. I did not even know until I came to Apex Cdl that the other school had only tried to teach me two of the three backing skills to pass the test. Apex CDL was very knowledgeable, and personal in their training of me. When I was desperate, they were there. I’d recommend them to anyone wanting their CDL. Class A License.

    Apex was amazing!! Taught me a lot. Alex the owner genuinely cares and wants to see you succed in getting your CDL. Trainer’s where phenomenal and patient. I had great experience there, now I can move on with a great career with the help from Apex.

    Not sure which solution fits your business needs?