Recommended especially for new drivers. Our Full Course offers what most companies require new drivers to learn. This comprehensive program includes 160 hours of combined driving and classroom instruction. The classroom instruction prepares one for the rules and regulations of driving on public roads. It comes with a Certificate upon completion and lifetime job placement.


This course is focused mainly on the behind the wheel instruction. It is recommended mainly for drivers who already know the rules and regulations of driving on public roads. This could be for someone who already has a job and needs a CDL or for someone who plans on driving locally. You will receive a Certificate upon completion and life time job placement.


Behind the wheel training and Pre-Trip training clan be purchased by the hour here at Apex. Recommend this for those who are ready to test and need to brush up on what will be on the skills test.


For those who already have the skills required to pass the test from previous training. We strongly recommend at least getting Pre-Trip Training even for experienced CDL drivers, to learn what is required to pass the test.


We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your training. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible."


    • Lower Students to instructor ratios
    • Train for safe driving in your future career, not skills just to pass the test.
    • We offer flexible programs to attempt to meet the needs of students in divers situations.
    • We work to offer more opportunities through our connections with companies, charities and alumni.
    • Safety
    • Inclusion
    • Dedication

    Our students aren’t numbers. They are all unique individuals with different stories and we want you to succeed


    Anyone holding a Commercial Learner’s Permit is required to have a negative drug test. You can either show proof that you have one or we can send you to go get one. The cost is currently $52.

    Since Biden became President, gas prices have been climbing. Due to the rising gas prices, tuition for truck training had to be increased.

    If you have your learners permit, we can test you here at Apex, in Salt Lake City, UT. It does not matter what state you live in. Thanks to laws that have changed, we can now test applicants from any state within the United States.

    We are so excited that we are now able to do Physicals right at the school.

    The FMCSA’s entry-level driver training (ELDT) rule takes effect February 7, 2022. As of this date, individuals who are applying for their initial CDL, upgrading a current CDL, or getting a passenger or school bus endorsement for the first time must complete specific theory and behind-the-wheel instruction before taking the required skills test. An individual obtaining a hazmat endorsement for the first time must complete specific theory instruction prior to taking the required knowledge test. This training must be provided by a school or entity listed on the FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry (TPR)


    Amazing school I enjoyed the time there I’m so thankful with all of the instructors and all the staff.
    Paul is the best, he teaches very well makes it very easy to understand. God bless you guys.

    I definitely recommend this school.

    Alex and Richard were such wonderful trainers. I came here as a third party tester. I let my CDL expire and had to retake the test again. I highly recommend paying for an hour or two prior to testing as the requirements have changed. Hayden made me feel at ease during my road rest. He explained everything thoroughly and was such a nice young man! Thank you all very much. This facility also does quite a bit of charity work which I was able to witness first hand.

    My experience with this school was amazing! My instructors “Paul,Richard,Billy and Alex” were great instructors. Paul took the time to find tune my driving, came in early to help me and more importantly he encouraged me every step of the way! Billy also worked with me and his specific advice saved me from failing. Thank you Alex couldn’t have done it without you! “My test instructor Airline was very professional which gave me confidence”

    I just called to get some information with the school and reinstating my licence, i talk to J.J and he has very good personal skills. Hes new and still did what he could to provide me with the information that i needed. Any other school that i have talk to were very rude, werent helpful what so ever. If a school can be judged by first impressions then id choose thos school.

    This school was the craziest yet best driving school I’ve been to. Learning from all the different instructors was a great experience. Wyatt was calm and patient with me and let me drive. He taught me so many tricks that helped pass my test with flying colors! He gave the testing experience so i knew how to stay calm. Brian wants you to pass it the first time with great instructions. He’s very thorough. Matt helped me come up with words to remember the pre trip with all the parts I had a hard time remembering. Britney helped teach me to speed up with the pre trip after i had all the terminology. Richard was great at helping get me on the schedule and boosting my confidence. Thank you again for all you guys did! Thank you JJ and Arilyn for making me smile and comfortable. Alex you have a great team!

    Real talk, these guys are unreal. Here’s the deal, it’s tough to manage a schedule with full time students and hourly students. But they do it and they do it well.
    I did hourly sessions with them for a week and they killed it!! They saw where my strength were and helped me out with my weaknesses. When I was ready to take the test, they let me know and encouraged me. They were right too! I took the test and passed it first try.
    Shout out to Alex, Rich, Brian and Britney for the quick instruction but being so thorough with me.
    Thank you guys.

    Hey this school really get the job done. If your in Texas and going to those schools don’t. Come to Apex they will get you squared away not only for the test but for what you need to know when your driving on your own. I definitely appreciate Alex, Richard, Wyatt. Great group of guys who want you to be successful.

    A big thanks to Brian, Wyatt and Matt for your guidance and patience. I don’t know how ya do it, but these guys have it to narrow you down to what you need to be a good driver. They took me from a complete novice, to passing on my first time. I’ll never forget my days at APEX Trucking! Dr. Peppers & Choco Tacos! I’ll never forget you guys. Rubber to the road!

    Great school, great people, great experience, they make you feel welcomed and comfortable! Billy, Alex, and Richard great Instructors full of experiences. Easy going and very understanding Instructors.
    Would definitely recommend this school for anyone that’s Beginner or even if u know mild knowledge for trucking they work with u on that behave.

    Alex made learning fun and made sure we learned. And he explained everything great and Matt taught us air brakes and inspection in just a day. Great guys and would recommend it to go there. And I went from Cali to Utah . And they helped us a lot thanks Alex.

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