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As a leading provider for CDL Licensing, we take pride in offering the best CDL Training. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Whether you just need to be tested or need to take the full training course, we will make every effort to help you get your CDL License.

Apex was founded on the hopes of creating a better CDL learning process after working closely with other CDL schools.  We are a small company that aims to create an efficient and personal learning environment.

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This is an actual working air brake system.  This helps learn the pre-trip as  you can easily see the system in motion.  It’s great for being able to see all the components in action.  You can easily see what happens to the system when air is supplied and when the brake pedal is pushed.  This is a great educational tool for students learning the pre-trip.


We currently have five trucks and one coach bus for our students to train in: 1 Peterbilt, 3 Freightliners and 1 International.  We have 3 manuals trucks and 2 automatic trucks.  All of our equipment has air brakes..

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