Core Values

As a leading provider for CDL Licensing, we take pride in offering the best CDL Training. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Whether you just need to be tested or need to take the full training course, we will make every effort to help you get your CDL License.


Here at Apex we have the highest level of integrity found in the industry. We treat everyone with fairness and respect. If you ever feel like something isn’t right, please let us know immediately.  We will do our best to remedy the situation.


Apex CDL is totally and completely dedicated to becoming the best CDL training school in the business.  At Apex, only the best things are being taught or will ever will be.  That’s why we are, “Simply the Best”


Apex CDL strives to help people not only to get their CDL but teach them how to be safe competent drivers. We also focus on teaching our students how to back a truck in the real world. We will not teach any student anything on the backing range that isn’t applicable in the real world.


Apex CDL strives to have the highest quality in this industry. We know what we need to do to be above the rest and I believe we do it. All of us at Apex have a great sense of pride because of the integrity and ability every one of us have. Some of our instructors have worked at giant companies in this industry. They are very proud to work at a company that has much higher standards and advanced methods used here at Apex CDL.


Safety is the most important thing we teach here at Apex CDL. With our instructors experience we continuously strive to learn new ways to teach safety. We constantly evolve with the help of many other veteran drivers. We diligently seek knowledge in this area because we know that there is always room to improve. Your family and our families share the road with the people that graduate from our school. There can be no greater reason to teach safety to all.


We have created training processes, programs and methods here at Apex CDL based on 40+ years of driving trucks and 10+ years of training and testing. The curriculum has been built upon the expertise and knowledge gained during those years . After many years of trial and error, discovering new and better things as time goes by. We have put all the awesome things we have found and discovered into our program making it a continuously innovative school.


Our clients here at Apex CDL come to us from all over the United States. Many large and small companies have found us to be the best school available. Apex also has a large number of clients that speak English as a second language. Our instructors have great patience.  A lot of our clients are from out of state. The reason they come to us is because of our reputation.


At Apex, we are constantly seeking ideas from students that attend our school. We always want to keep improving our school with the help and advice from those who attend it. We strive to make our clients happy and always seek ways to improve because, we know we can.

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