Fast Track

This course is focused mainly on the behind the wheel instruction. It is recommended mainly for drivers who already know the rules and regulation of driving on public roads. This could be for someone who already has a job and needs a CDL or for someone who plans on driving locally.  You will receive a Certificate upon completion and life time job placement. This program is only available to those who have held a CDL in the past because it does not include the mandatory Theory Training for new drivers.

The Fast Track Program includes:

  • 24 hours of behind the wheel training $3,500
  • CDL Skills Exam
  • A Certificate upon completion

This program generally takes 2 weeks to complete depending on your availability and skills acquired. This program does not include the Learner’s Permit nor the DOT Physical.

The One-Week Butt Kicker: Same as Fast Track but faster. Price is $2,900. It is designed for those who are confident in their ability to pick up news skills and need to get their CDL fast. To start this program, you must be ready to drive. To start, you will need to have held your Learner’s Permit for at least one week. You will have one week to finish up to 20 hours of Behind the Wheel Training and all the Pre-Trip Training you can squeeze in. Then if you are ready, you will be scheduled for the CDL Skills test. This program must be paid in full before beginning the training and is NOT refundable for any reason. If you miss any days, they will be gone. It is up to you to make sure you are in attendance. Don’t start this program unless you have a week that can be dedicated to getting your CDL. If you use this program on a manual truck, do expect your left leg to hurt like crazy. Don’t take this program if you need pampering, have never backed a trailer before or lacking in confidence. If, by the end of the week, you have not acquired the skills to be ready to test, you can then take hourly training until you are ready.