cliffford gleave

I started at sage trucking and found myself set up for failure, when I was done with class work I was ran through a pretrip and a in cab twice and was handed a drive schedule and was told sink or swim, during a three week time off I was taking care of my 95 year old grandfather who fell and died within those 3 weeks so I also had a funeral I attended and all sage trucking could call and say is you have to get it done !!!!!! I felt like I was forced into a test set up to fail ! I then went to Apex training program and told them my story and what I lacked for a driving test , I spent the next 2 weeks going over pretrip, backing and shifting with instructors who all taught equal same course tactics and training that help me finish with success!!! I would recommend Apex trucking to everyone because they Got instructors who care about there students success and want them succeed, thanx Apex .