Felicia Barker

I loved this I went to sage a few years prior to apex and I didn’t feel like I learned anything from sage I dropped out of sage and didn’t go back for at least 3 years and that’s when I found apex trucking school omg these guys are all fantastic and they are there to help you learn and never get frustrated with you they always are helping you to approve in everything everyday I went to this school only knowing a little bit of stuff know because of this school I almost know everything I need to know about trucking Alex he has a huge heart and he dont let people give up and he dont turn people away there were times I seen Alex test or train people from other states for a low cost or maybe nothing at all I dont know not my business but I do know he has a huge heart made of gold and he really does care about people and the future of others I recomend this school over any other school around. Thanks for the wonderful experience I was able to have with you guys