Apex Trucking has been absolutely fantastic to work with. The staff here has been very patient with me (which I find very important when it comes to teaching) and gave me an ample amount of time to self-study which is how I learn best. It’s hard to find a school that had a general outline of your day-to-day activities but still allowed you to have some personal time both outside with the trucks and inside the class to read on your own. I was fortunate enough to be the first GI BILL student here at this school since they recently were certified by the federal government. The process went smoothly for me and there was no issue with either them receiving the tuition from the government or me having the BAH and book stipend processed. I firmly believe in honest reviews, and so along with that, I feel the equipment, while still functional, could be more updated. I do realize when teaching people who have never driven a semi-truck before in their lives that you don’t want to hand over brand-new expensive equipment to trainees, so prospective students need to understand older trucks is what most trucking schools use. Keep in mind though; you may have a school that has newer equipment, but what good is it if you hardly get any time behind the wheel to train? Or you’re yelled at by aggressive and impatient teachers, or taught incorrectly by people with no experience? While I wouldn’t have minded newer trucks, the one-on-one time and attention I received from people who actually knew their stuff was far, far more valuable than any other factor. Lastly the facility was a small suite and was a little cramped with so many students (especially considering their quickly growing class sizes) but in the coming weeks they will be moving to a nicer area i’m told, so that should resolved that issue. Overall, this is a great school to choose, and I felt like I really learned not just the minimum to get by, but a lot more that better prepared me for any future job I would have as a driver. They focus a lot on safety, which is paramount to me. So do what I did; stop reading about different schools, choose Apex, and start earning that money!