I spent four months at another Utah third party CDL Training school. I did not feel like the instructors their were as concerned about the students learning, as at Apex CDL. I spent 4 months there, and only three days 4 hour shifts in a truck driving. Studying for my pre-trip test was only once on a real truck. The rest was in the classroom. After i failed pre-trip twice they refused me anymore help and sent me away unless i paid them more money. I was funded by the state and had no more money. The state recognized Apex CDL as a trusted school and sent me there. In 8 short hours Apex Cdl had me in a real truck and trailer studying pre-trip, teach me to back correctly and forward driving skills so I was able to pass my test at no additional cost to me. I did not even know until I came to Apex Cdl that the other school had only tried to teach me two of the three backing skills to pass the test. Apex CDL was very knowledgeable, and personal in their training of me. When I was desperate, they were there. I’d recommend them to anyone wanting their CDL. Class A License.